The goal of this program is to offer online courses that train researchers, educators, students, and practitioners in sensor-based behavioral health. We offer courses that can be taken individually or as a whole. Students learn about sensor data collection, analysis, and use in health applications. Course materials include video lectures, slides, sample datasets, and computational tools. Students will earn a certificate of completion at the end of each course. These certificates can be used to earn continuing education credit or to show teachers and employers as evidence of the training. Completion of the courses involves a combination of viewing lectures, taking quizzes, and writing programs.

Available Classes
  • Behavior-Based Data Exploration and Statistical Inference
  • Behavior Analysis from Ambient Sensor Data
  • Behavior Analysis from Mobile Sensor Data
  • Behavior Analysis at Scale
  • Ambient Sensor Data for Health Assessment and Intervention
  • Advanced Topics in Clinical Application of Behavior Sensor Data Analysis
  • Python Basics for Psychologists and Clinicians